COMPUTER (from Lat. com­putare, to add to or re­duce), a de­vice for stor­ing and pro­cess­ing in­for­ma­tion, one of the ba­sic con­stituents of mat­ter. Through­out his­to­ry, com­put­ers have tak­en many forms: pure­ly me­chan­i­cal, elec­tro-me­chan­i­cal, pure­ly elec­tron­ic, and even or­gan­ic. In fact, the hu­man brain can it­self be seen as a sort of poor­ly de­signed, in­ef­fi­cient, and ex­treme­ly un­re­li­able com­put­er. How­ev­er, since the Modern Age, the term has come to re­fer ex­clu­sive­ly to dig­i­tal elec­tron­ics.