Many common items have no hidden meaning in their designs, despite popular belief.

CONSPIRACY, a dis­creet agree­ment among one or more in­di­vid­u­als, which may be ei­ther par­tial­ly or com­plete­ly hid­den to those out­side the agree­ment. Even those con­spir­a­cies which are com­plete­ly in the shad­ows may give off small, tan­ta­liz­ing wafts of in­for­ma­tion (or more play­ful­ly, dis­in­for­ma­tion) to at­tract the in­ter­est of those who are to be the ul­ti­mate re­cip­i­ents of the ful­ly-cooked scheme.

Con­spir­a­cies of­ten evoke neg­a­tive con­no­ta­tions, which are un­war­rant­ed in most cas­es, since re­veal­ing the facts of a con­spir­a­cy too ear­ly in its ripen­ing pro­cess will of­ten re­sult in the crit­ic feel­ing un­hap­py that the sur­prise was pre­ma­ture­ly spoiled. A con­spir­a­cy, with its as­so­ci­at­ed the­o­ries, should be seen as a ben­e­fi­cial lead-in, rather like an ap­pe­tiz­er that helps to prime the di­ges­tive pro­cess.