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On This Day1881 -- Wy­att Earp on ad­min­is­tra­tive leave pend­ing out­come of cor­ral shoot­ing in­ves­ti­ga­tion.

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LIBERTY ENLIGHTENING THE WORLD (Fr. “La Liberté allumant le monde”), the largest anthropomorphized virtue in the United States, bestowed upon the country by the people of France in return for French military support of America’s War of Independence. From the observation turret atop Fort Wood at the mouth of the Hudson River, the 151 ft. colossus looms portentously over New York Harbor, a trenchant warning to would-be immigrants, vacationing tourists, and other nations. (Click to read more)
TELEVISION, the electromagnetic induction of mental states using an amplitude-modulated carrier wave. (Click to read more)
UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, the world's third largest nation by land area and population; the oldest, largest, and most expensive republic in the western hemisphere. Predominantly located in North America, the nation borders Canada to the north (and, from Alaska, to the east), and Mexico to the south; it also has a very narrow maritime border to its west with Russia. (Click to read more)
MATTER (Lat. materia materialis), that of which all things in the universe are composed, including matter. It is therefore redundant and futile to inquire into the composition of matter itself. Nevertheless, much scientific research today is squandered on the fruitless reductio ad reductum of dividing particles of matter into ever smaller ones.


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CONSPIRACY, a dis­creet agree­ment among one or more in­di­vid­u­als, which may be ei­ther par­tial­ly or com­plete­ly hid­den to those out­side the agree­ment. Even those con­spir­a­cies which are com­plete­ly in the shad­ows may give off small, tan­ta­liz­ing wafts of in­for­ma­tion (or more play­ful­ly, dis­in­for­ma­tion) to at­tract the in­ter­est of those who are to be the ul­ti­mate re­cip­i­ents of the ful­ly-cooked scheme.

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